Shawn Murphy

Environmental Energy Leader, Innovation Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Technologist


Nowadays I am driving two companies to success; one a revolutionary renewable environmental technology company which will totally disrupt the current energy sector value chain by enabling LiB (Lithium Ion Batteries) last 10X of the current lifetime. The other is a boutique consultancy which advises global fortune 500 companies how to successfully innovate and commercialize on that innovation.

With 25 years of multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience, I have developed a first-principles, tech-driven, business-bottom line driven style that is inspirational and highly profitable. Highly versatile with deep technical and business expertise in multiple industries: Environmental Energy Systems, Oil & Gas (O&G), Aerospace, Defense, IT Security, Semiconductor, and Consumer Electronics.

Exceptional ability to build teams and organizations, recruit top talent, inspire through leadership, and lead multidisciplinary teams to stunning results. Finally, the ability to devise scalable strategies which are game-changing to multiple industries and execute on them with a very high rate ROI, creating value close to $1.75B over my last three roles.

Born in Germany and grew up in Europe with my educational and professional life spent mostly in MA (USA). Currently living in Swampscott (MA), with my wife and two kids. I can be found often around Kendall Square (MIT) or at the CIC advising clients or developing new technology solutions.

My thoughts are focused on creating new business models, technology solutions, and teams. For hobbies, I spend considerable time reading philosophy, science, astronomy, economics, and technology which has a high and positive impact on the world.


Love of Innovation, A Personal Journey

To understand disruptive or radical innovation (the innovation that matters), one has to look at the fundamental question of “why, what, and how”. These three simple questions are the prime movers of human motives, that allow you to invent and change the world around you. Naturally these simple three questions can be applied to all aspects of our lives, but more importantly is the order in which they are asked and what is their core essence.

Of the three questions the first and hardest to answer is the “Why”. Why do you wake up in the morning and go to work? Why do you do what you do? Why do you keep going when times are hard? Answering these questions on a fundamental level enables you (and then your organization) to answer the what and how.

Necessity is maybe the mother of Innovation, but SPITE (inat) is the father of it.